Friday, April 29, 2011

New Threads

As if his health problems weren't enough, Finlay has to deal with being the youngest of three boys. When it comes to clothes he gets the worn, stretched, threadbare hand-downs from his brothers. Sadly, some of them were getting a but beyond wearable so last week we took him shopping.

Although he has just turned 3 we weren't expecting him to be in 3 year old clothes. He is still small for his age. So we picked the 24 months jeans and gave them a try. But no, so onto the 12-18 month ones. OK for length but still ended up down round his knees when he stood up. Thanks for adjustable waistbands! Pulling the elastic tighter and tighter we managed to get them looking pretty respectable.

We had a clinic at the hospital today and the news is all good. His weight is increasing well. It would be easy to get frustrated that he can only fit into clothes for children half his age but that would be to forget where he has come from.

And for all his lack of size, he gives as good as he gets when it comes to his brothers. He's got all the spirit (and more than enough volume!) to get his way. He's going to be alright.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How Many Dinosaurs To Carry An Insulin Pump?

Finlay has always been a bit difficult to dress. He is still very small for his age and has never had the puppy fat you expect in a young child. When he first left hospital at 2 months old we found it really hard to get anything to fit him. Luckily we found the Pumpkin Patch range of clothes for teddy bears fitted perfectly!!

Modelling the teddy bear range

Now the main problem is keeping his pants up. All those that are long enough for him seem to be made for kids twice as fat. Then we hook his pump onto the belt and five minutes later he's wearing them round his ankles. I realise that the fashion of today might be to wear your pants ridiculously low, and maybe the local teenagers think he's the coolest 3yo in the neighbourhood but it's just plain wrong.

So thanks to one of the parents at his brothers' school we now have a cool set of braces...with dinosaurs on!! He seems to like them. Not sure what he'll think when he looks back in a few years but it's saving our blushes for just now.

How many dinosaurs does it take to hold up an insulin pump?