Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easily Freaked!

Sometimes it's hard to remember he is just a normal kid.

Recently F has had a few lows in the evening. Something has changed. He's growing, or not growing or doing something different. He is normally fed through his tube at 9pm so we like his sugars to be at the low end of his range by then. But recently he has started dipping just before we check him. Twice recently we've had to get the dreaded orange box out the fridge. Sugars down in the low 1s (about 20-30 mg/dl) accompanied by seizures.

In the last week we've had a CGM put on him for a few days so we can see what is going on but that's for another post.

Anyway, fair to say we've been a bit on edge in the evenings recently.
So a few nights ago when F wakes up crying we're straight into panic mode. Vicky runs in and grabs him. He's screaming, hands shaking, not yet in seizure. Vicky grabs the meter and fires the lancet into his toe. He is still screaming, looking straight at me, almost through me with that fixed stare that just says "help me". Definitely hypo, no doubt.
OK, glucose gel or run for the box in the fridge? There's a gel on the table...grab it.... tear it open...try to get F to take it....refuses, more screaming.... Of course he refused it. He's hypo, can't think straight. Have to get it down him somehow....or run to the fridge? That's it....glucagon before he seizures.....

Vicky stops me. "Er, 8.4" (about 150)

"What??? Let me test him" 9.3

Oh....F calms down in mum's arms. Just a bad dream. And when we think about it, it's exactly how his brother's were when they were his age and had a nightmare. Shaking, staring eyes, screaming.

So we settle him down and turn out the light. I still head for the fridge, but for the chilled green bottle rather than the orange box!! A far more pleasant medicine!

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  1. haha mummy and daddys medicine. We truly fly into panic mode at times. Living with diabetes puts you on edge.