Sunday, August 28, 2011


Finlay has a gastrostomy, a hole into his stomach through which we can feed him. Through his abdomen he has a 'Mickey' button, a short tube that goes into his stomach with a valve on the outside that sits against his tummy that we can attach a feeding tube whenever he needs feeding. On the stomach side of this button is a small balloon that is inflated with water to secure the tube and stop it falling out.

Tonight I was checking the water in the balloon by drawing it out with a syringe and replacing with some fresh water. Cameron, 8yo, was watching and starting asking what I was doing. Although he's seen the tube in daily use I can't remember if we've ever explained exactly how it works. So I explained about the ballon inside his stomach that I was inflating with the water.


I suppose for an 8yo boy that would sound pretty cool. TBH it still quite amazes me.

Then Cameron turns to Finlay and says "Hey, Bubbleman...." I probably shouldn't approve but then Finlay found it funny and the boys started gently teasing him about being Bubbleman which had him in hysterics. Great to see all the boys getting on well and having fun with Finlay's condition.

Night night, Bubbleman!

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