Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Despite Everything

Recently a few diabetes bloggers I've been reading have posted pictures and videos of what their kids do despite diabetes, to show that these are just normal kids doing normal things. The pick of them was Reuben's chicken catching.

Now Finlay probably couldn't catch a chicken. Heck, I probably couldn't catch a chicken! But he can catch balls. This video was taken just before bedtime recently so excuse the pump weighing down his PJs!

In this blog I highlight many of the challenges that we have to deal with every day with our son's disease. It would be easy to be negative and focus on the downside all the time. Although there is nothing amazing about this video, the sight of Finlay laughing hysterically shows he is too busy enjoying life to let his condition get him down. So we shouldn't either!

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  1. aww thanks Alan, im honored that it inspired you to post Fin's despite diabetes video. i teared up listening to him laughing his a$$ off. What a happy sausage and how good is he at throwing and catching! Thats priceless! You make a great point, they are busy living life and having fun.