Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Finlay's Fantastic Fluorescent Frogs

Until recently we've been hooking Finlay's insulin pump onto the top of his pants. This has been a little difficult with him being so thin and the pump being so heavy. The best solution was a pair of rather stylish braces.

But as he is growing up situations change. The old solutions become the new problems.

Braces are very practical and occasionally can be very stylish (especially ones with dinosaurs on!) but when it comes to toilet training they become a bit of a nuisance. Teaching a child the basics of toileting is always a challenge but throw in unclipping of braces, making sure the pump stays out of the toilet, watching where the tubing goes, it all becomes a bit fraught.

So thanks to a mother's suggestion on a forum we have taken delivery of this neat backpack with fetching fluorescent frog styling via the Diabetes Mall that will hold his pump and keep it away from any risky ablution-associated dangers.

Finlay sporting his frog covered backpack as he searches for pirates through his makeshift telescope

So far it seems to work pretty well. He is able to drop his pants at will..... hopefully only when necessary, but boys will be boys! We have managed to avoid having to fish the pump out of the toilet bowl, Finlay seems to like it and the other kids at preschool seem to just accept it.

Unfortunately with his infusion sites still in his thigh we've had a site ripped out following an over-eager pant-dropping but this is a learning process and he'll figure out the intricacies in his own time.

 Looking pleased with his new gear

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  1. finlay is such a cutiepie. love the bag. the diabetes eds at our hospital in brisbane suggested a backpack for Reuben, but we just cant get it together to actually get the pump yet. i laughed out loud at the thought of the pump taking at dip at ablution time! kids and diabetes its definately a challenging time. hhmmm so that froggy fabric is fluoro so you can see him in the dark?