Friday, February 24, 2012

A run for anyone's money!

Since Finlay's birth we have been helped by so many wonderful people. The debt we owe is larger than we could ever pay back. But that shouldn't stop us trying. I posted previously about how we were able to raise funds for one of the charities that helped us through a photo competition that was won by a photo featuring a 5 month old Finlay. (I say we helped but it was really our friend Simon who took the photo and did the work.)

Well we're raising more funds for the @Heart charity and this time it's Vicky that's doing the hard yards....15 long kilometres of them!

The City2Surf is an annual charity run in Christchurch that gives her the chance to raise lots more money to help families of children with heart defects. And this morning she got a piece in the local paper

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