Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Living Up To His Name

When we named our children we just went with names we liked. Some people have names that run through the family. Others have strong opinions about what their children should be called. Some reflect the parent's aspirations, their religion or cultural background, others the parent's taste in music or TV programme. For us we just wanted names we liked that wouldn’t cause embarrassment as the children grew. There is a Celtic theme running through our boys’ names but that is coincidental rather than deliberate.

Fortunately there was plenty of middle ground between Vicky and myself that we didn’t spend months vetoing each others choices.  

One thing we didn’t really consider was the meaning of each name. But with hindsight it would have been hard to come up with a more fitting name than Finlay. Recently, following a discussion about names following the birth of a friend’s child, I found myself looking up names on the internet. Finlay, “fair-haired courageous one”.

I can’t think of a more apt name. This last week has seen our fair-headed warrior more than living up to his name. He has shrugged off surgery, a collapsed lung and an infection with a smile on his face and is now safely back home telling all his preschool friends about his adventure and the big planes he went on.

Every day he deals with the trials of his condition, the constant testing, medication, the literal highs and lows. But he remains one of the happiest children you could ever meet. Life is just one big exciting adventure for him and he’s going to rise to whatever challenges come his way.

Welcome home my courageous fair-haired boy.

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  1. I cried while I read your post. Fin IS a warrior (darn cute one) and you are obviously terrific parents. Jules.